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    How Social Media is Changing Insurance Claims Subrogation
Posted: Wed., May 30, 2018
Attorneys Jason Sullivan and Rebecca Wright from the Rathbone Group, LLC law firm discuss the effect that social media is having on subrogation matters and potential impact on claims.
    Hurricane Harvey's Impact on Insurance Claims
Posted: Wed., May 16, 2018
Attorney Laura Grabouski from the law firm Tully Rinckey PLLC examines the impact of Hurricane Harvey and how insurance claims in Texas were settled and litigated.
    Attendant Care Impact
Posted: Thur., Apr. 26, 2018
Expert Service Provider Dan Thompson of DeeGee Rehabilitation Technologies discusses attendant care in the US and Canada, associated costs and its impact on the insurance industry.
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How Smart Data Is Remaking Insurance Claims
New tools and greater availability of third-party data is changing how insurers evaluate claims, screen for fraud and settle cases faster, increasingly ahead of actual notice. A panel of claims professionals examines what tools are being used, what types and sources of data are making the greatest impact, and the issues insurers face as they rely more heavily on data-based claims automation. Panelists include:
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What This Year's Catastrophes Revealed About Real-World Claims Handling
Adjusters and other claims professionals examine the claims response to recent storms, including the role of drones, sensors, new data sources and other tools to gather data, investigate cases and adjust claims. This webinar also looks at related regulatory, legal and privacy issues.
Panelists include:
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