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Posted:  Thu., June 15, 2017
Attorneys John Schmidt and Lisa Gingeleskie from the law firm Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper, P.C. in Westfield New Jersey discuss the rise in social media wrongful termination claims and the liability for employers and insurers.

Jerry Birnbach, Retail Expert in the insurance industry discusses regulations and practices to eliminate slip and fall risks as well as aspects that companies and defense attorneys need to consider with regard to slip and fall accident claims.

Posted:  Wed., April 12, 2017
Attorney Martha Weis of the Virginia law firm of Goodman Allen Donnelly PLLC addresses whether a
typical general liability policy covers intellectual property claims, and examines policy
exclusions and insurance company impact.
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 Pileup in Commercial Auto
Some insurers are reporting a more difficult market for commercial auto, which remains highly competitive. A panel of insurance and claims experts examine what's driving litigation and losses, how companies' underwriting is changing and how ride-hailing services and autonomous vehicles are poised to change the sector. Panelists include:
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 State of the Medical Professional Liability Market
A.M. Best analytic leaders and insurance industry leaders review the state of the U.S. medical professional liability insurance sector. The panel examines financial results, underwriting, loss trends, regulatory, and industry developments, along with developments among alternative risk providers. The discussion follows the publication of A.M. Best's annual special report on the state of the medical professional liability market. It also comes ahead of the annual conference of the PIAA, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Panelists for this webinar include:
  • Charles Huber, Director, A.M. Best
  • Dan Teclaw, Senior Financial Analyst, A.M. Best
  • Brian Atchinson, President & CEO, PIAA
  • Kurtis Scott, President & CEO, Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company
  • Howard H. Friedman, President, Healthcare Professional Liability Group, ProAssurance Corp.
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