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BestConnect Member Spotlight — FAQs

What is the BestConnect Member Spotlight?
The BestConnect Member Spotlight is a forum for highlighting the efforts and achievements of individuals or firms that are currently qualified members in Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys, Adjusters and Expert Service Providers. To qualify, an effort or achievement must be timely, groundbreaking or topical to the insurance industry.

How many individuals or firms are featured in the Member Spotlight in each issue of BestConnect?
In each edition of BestConnect, only one individual or firm will be featured in the Member Spotlight. Individuals or firms are eligible to be featured once per year.

How are individuals or firms nominated for the Member Spotlight?
There are three ways for a current Qualified Member or firm to be nominated for the Member Spotlight:

  • An individual or firm can nominate themselves for consideration.
  • An individual or firm can be nominated by a third party (i.e., client, colleague, etc.).
  • AM Best can nominate an individual or firm that they have identified as meeting the designated criteria for consideration (see below).

What are the criteria for being featured in the Member Spotlight?
In addition to being a Qualified Member, the individual or firm must have met at least one of the following criteria within the six months prior to nomination:

  • Published an article of relevance to the insurance industry
  • Won a key case or worked on a significant claim or matter related to the insurance industry
  • Written a book or white paper related to the insurance industry or centered on a topic of interest to the insurance industry
  • Participated in a podcast for the AM Best Insurance Law Podcast Series
  • Participated in an AM Best webinar
  • Been the first individual or firm to appear under a new publication category

How does the AM Best select the final individual or firm to be featured in the Member Spotlight?
All nominations are approved by a committee appointed by AM Best to determine which effort or achievement is the most timely, groundbreaking or topical to the insurance industry.  The individual or firm that most closely meets these guidelines will be featured in the Member Spotlight.

How can I submit a nomination for the BestConnect Member Spotlight?
Contact with the following information:

  • Nominee's firm name, contact person and mailing information
  • Name and contact information for the person submitting the nomination
  • Brief explanation supporting the nomination (if applicable, include a copy of the article, press release, whitepaper, book name, podcast/webinar title, etc.)

Or complete this Nomination Form and submit it to AM Best.

Will I be notified if my nominee is accepted?
BestConnect is published bi-monthly beginning in January. If your nominee is selected, you will be notified during the month prior to the publication of the newsletter in which the nominee will be featured.