Client-Recommended Attorneys, Adjusters and Experts
Client-Recommended Attorneys, Adjusters and Experts

Qualification Guidelines

This resource is limited to attorneys, adjusters and expert service providers recommended by claims representatives of insurance companies, non-insurance companies, insurance pools or self-insurers, who meet the standards of AM Best with regard to service, experience and work performance. The objective of Best’s Insurance Professional Resources is not to rate any individual, firm or company, but to provide the claims and insurance industry with client-recommended professionals that are qualified to handle their litigation, adjusting or expert service needs. Based on client recommendations, the individuals, firms and companies presented in this resource are considered to be equipped to perform service for companies seeking outside guidance and professional assistance.

To become a Qualified Member in this resource, each candidate must submit an application and be recommended by the claims departments of the insurance companies, non-insurance companies or self-insurers and their claims divisions. AM Best reviews the comments and endorsements received from the clients before accepting an individual, firm or company as a Qualified Member in this resource.

While the information received from the client references is believed to be reliable, its accuracy is not guaranteed.

The use of the word “recommended” in the title should not be construed to indicate that AM Best is endorsing the qualifications or merits of the attorneys, adjusters or expert service providers contained in this resource. Rather, it indicates that all Qualified Members are recommended by the claims and insurance industry clients that they serve. AM Best reviews all applications and client-submitted feedback to verify that the candidates meet all the requirements to become a Qualified Member. Inclusion in this resource is open to any attorney, adjuster and/or expert service provider individual, firm or company who meets these requirements. Exclusive or limited inclusion is not permitted.

Requirements For Qualified Members

To be considered for inclusion, the individual, firm or company must:

  • Have satisfactorily served claims representatives in insurance companies, non-insurance companies, insurance pools, and/or self-insurers and be recommended to AM Best by these companies for the services performed in connection with their insurance and claims work, or law firm work (expert service providers only).
  • Have at least one principal member with a minimum experience of five years in the practice of insurance law, claims work or field of expertise.
  • Complete the application for Best’s Insurance Professional Resources.
  • Submit to the customary AM Best review of the candidate’s experience, work performance and office facility as determined by the application and verification process.
  • Provide an answering service administered by the applicant’s staff during business hours. (Toll-free numbers, answering services, call forwarding and automatic switchovers are acceptable.)
  • Be listed in the building directory except in the circumstance of where the applicant’s private residence serves as its place of occupancy.
  • Be identified on the principal door to the applicant’s main office.


Profile Types:

  • Main or Home Office Profiles: For the purpose of this resource, a home office is the primary decision-making entity of the client-recommended individual, firm or company. This entity is responsible for submitting all paperwork and reviewing all content on an annual basis. Any separate and unique physical location in either a corporate office structure or residence with office space is eligible for consideration as a home office profile.
  • Branch Office Profiles: An affiliate office or location that works under the guidance and supervision of a home office is considered to be a branch office. While a firm or company can have only one home office profile, it may have multiple branch offices profiles. A separate and unique physical location is required for each location considered as a branch office profile.
  • Service Area Profiles: With a service area profile, an individual, firm or company can present limited information in a city or town in which they do business. The profile refers the user back to either the home or branch office location.
  • General Defense Profiles for Law Firms: Profiles in this section are open to firms that handle the defense of all types of liability cases, including but not limited to, personal injury, product liability and construction suits.
  • Subrogation Profiles for Law Firms: These profiles are available to firms that practice subrogation, which is a legal right afforded to most insurance carriers to recover a loss paid to an insured by suing a third party that caused the loss.
  • Investigation and Adjustment Profiles for Law Firms: These profiles are open to firms that initiate and administer accident investigation, procurement of statements from principals, witnesses and policy; prescribe and direct appropriate photography; and negotiate settlements.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Profiles for Law Firms: These profiles are open to firms that administrate codes in accordance with established guidelines, specifications or legislation.

Organization Types:

  • Law Firms: Firms that specialize primarily in the defense of insurance companies and non-insurance companies.
  • Independent Adjusters: Adjusters that service insurance companies and non-insurance companies.
  • Expert Service Providers: Individuals or companies that serve the insurance and claims industry, law firms and independent adjusters by providing services such as litigation support, expert testimony, special investigations, claims support or testing and analysis. Currently, 45 categories are represented in this section of the resource.
  • Insurance Company Legal & Claim Officers: The names and titles of the main officials in the offices of insurance companies.