Results of Consultation:

Results of Consultation: Evaluating Mortgage Insurance
Date: February 28, 2018

A.M. Best Requests for Comment Response: Evaluating Mortgage Insurance
[En Español]
Date: February 28, 2018

Results of Consultation: BCRM & Associated Criteria Procedures
Date: October 13, 2017

A.M. Best Requests for Comment Response: BCRM & Associated Criteria Procedures
[En Español]
Date: October 13, 2017


ARCHIVE: Results of Consultation: Rating Surety Companies
Date: August 13, 2014

ARCHIVE: Results of Consultation: Insurance Holding Company and Debt Ratings
Date: May 6, 2014

ARCHIVE: Results of Consultation: Rating Reinsurance Pools
Date: August 23, 2013

A.M. Best welcomes comments from market participants. Included here are comments received via e-mail to A.M. Best may also receive communication on criteria/methodology through other means. However, only comments received through the methodology email listed above are included here.

Generally, A.M. Best will publish a comment in its entirety. However, A.M. Best reserves all rights to edit or redact comments deemed inappropriate for publication for any reason, as determined at any time and in the sole discretion of A.M. Best.

For those respondents who request anonymity, A.M. Best makes its best efforts to shield the identity of the respondent by redacting identifying information that may be included in the documents or within the body of comments. A.M. Best assumes no liability for any inadvertent disclosures of identity, however, and respondents requesting anonymity are urged to limit identifying details, particularly those placed within the body of comments.

The comments are published to provide a public record of the commentary received in the consultative process occurring prior to implementation of new or materially changed ratings methodology. The comments received are solely those of respondents and do not represent statements or opinions of A.M. Best, which disclaims any and all liability associated with their publication.

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