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When insurance decision makers need to find a qualified attorneys, they turn to Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys. It's a resource from A.M. Best: a name they already know and trust. By including your company profile here, you can:

  • Generate action: Nearly 70% of insurance decision makers surveyed have contacted, hired or recommended a professional they found here in the past 12 months.
  • Be seen in a highly respected resource: Survey respondents said that three to four of their colleagues also use Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource.
  • Showcase your outstanding reputation: Nearly 70% of the insurance decision makers surveyed feel that it's important for the professionals they retain to remain part of Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource each year.
  • Be noticed by experienced professionals: On average, survey respondents have been using Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource for 16.2 years and have been in the insurance industry for 27.8 years.
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Statistics are from a Harvey Research, Inc., study, December 2016.