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InsurTechs: Not All Insurers Are Ready for New Tech, or Even Hungry for Change

Technology based companies looking to build new insurance tools and solutions say their biggest challenges are finding and engaging with insurance companies that have the motivation and resources to leverage new processes and technologies.

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  • NAIC's Gann: Insurers Should Follow Investment and Credit Loss Issues

  • Microsoft's Silverman: Artificial Intelligence Poised to Remake Claims, Underwriting

  • Demands Mount on Insurance CFOs, Mostly Non-Financial

  • GIA's Hemesath: Accelerator Gives Smaller Insurers a Path to Tech Innovation

  • West Bend's Dunn: Artificial Intelligence Is Promising Management Tool

  • Hartford's Bourke: Agile Project Management Delivers Benefits to Users Sooner

  • Johnson Lambert's Murphy: New Rule on Fair Value Set to Alter Insurer's Results

  • Sapiens' Pettit: Accessing the Fruits of Insurtech Starts at the Core

  • AdvantageGo's Sutton: Some Insurers Reluctant to Pick Up the Pace of Tech Adoption

  • Western Union's Vyskocil: Consumers Expect Immediate, Enhanced Insurance Billing

  • Input 1's Greenbaum: Focus on Convenience Before Price

  • Plateau's Graham: 'Odd-Lot' Investing Helps Smaller Insurers Make Targeted Investments

  • Brotherhood's Robison: Planning for Job Succession Crucial to Growth

  • It's Not About Watching Insurance Competitors, It's All About the Customer

  • Grinnell's Eaves: Much of Insurtech Driven by Insurers Disrupting Themselves

  • Insurity's Victor: When Adopting New Technology, Start With Standard, Then Customize

  • Miles Capital's Boal: Today's Low-Rate Investing Environment May Not Be Here to Stay

  • SS&C's Pallone: Technology Succeeds When There's Willingness to Change

  • InsurTechs: Not All Insurers Are Ready for New Tech, or Even Hungry for Change

  • Nolan's Discher: Outrunning the Market Means Deploying People Just as Quickly

  • Hyland's Hanna: Insurtech Is Pressuring Insurers to Firm Up Their Tech Base

  • Duck Creek's Yohn: Talent Gap Has Insurers Pursuing New Processing Strategies

  • Faster, Connected, Responsive: How Tech Is Shaping Tomorrow's Insurance

  • IASA's Travers: Conference Attendees Interested in Insurtech, Learning, Networking