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04. The Evolving Risk Landscape for Re/Insurers

Evolution of major and interconnected risks against the increasing boundaries of insurable risks. Catherine Thomas, Senior Director, Analytics (20 October 2021).

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  • 01. Welcome and Introductory Comments

  • 02. EMEA Market Overview

  • 03. Keynote Presentation Malcolm Newman

  • 04. The Evolving Risk Landscape for Re/Insurers

  • 05. Evolving Risks and Opportunities In the Cyber Insurance Market

  • 06. Reinsurance Market Highlights

  • 07. Responsible Investing in the Insurance Industry—Drivers to Watch Out For (20 October 2021).

  • 08. Climate Risk’s Growing Complexity—What Role for the Insurance Industry?

  • 09. Welcome and Introductory Comments - Methodology Briefing

  • 10. IFRS 17—Nearing the Horizon

  • 11. ESG in Best’s Credit Rating Methodology (BCRM)

  • 12. Scoring and Assessing Innovation

  • 13. Performance Assessments for Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises: An Overview and the Assessment Process