Best's Financial Suite - Solvency II

Europe's Solvency II regulations and public Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) provide, for the first time, a standardized reporting format offering greater insight into the European market and its insurers and reinsurers.

Best's Financial Suite - Solvency II is the essential information resource for European counterparty credit risk analysis, strategic planning, asset management and M&A analysis. It's a perfect partner to Best's Financial Suite - Global. For those with a strong interest in UK analysis, Best's Financial Suite - UK offers PRA regulatory returns data for 2015 and prior, providing a resource for those seeking to analyze the past performance and reserving of UK-authorized insurers.

Solvency II data provides greater insight into EU insurers, countries and markets

  • Access the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) Filings made public under European Solvency II regulations for Europe's insurers and reinsurers.
  • Export and analyze the data for:
    • Solvency II Capital Requirement (SCR) and Ratios
    • Line of Business Premiums, Claims and Expenses
    • Technical Provisions by Line of Business
    • Balance Sheet
  • Analyze premiums, claims and expenses for the top five countries in which each European insurer generates business.
  • Review the text report accompanying the SFCR filings.
  • Search for data with the query builder, then generate custom reports including your own data and ratios.
  • Aggregate selected companies to create a single group company, country total or benchmark record and evaluate mergers.
  • Identify insurers and analyze groups with immediate and ultimate parent data, based on AM Best's analysis of corporate structures and ownership.
  • Research and analyze companies, competitors, peers and markets with the latest data.
  • Compare companies, markets and countries against the Total Life, Non-Life, Composite and Country aggregation records for greater insight into relative performance.


  • Solvency II SFCR filings and Quantitative Reporting Template (QRT) data from 2016 year-end
  • Data for all cells of all forms of the annual QRT
  • PDFs of source SFCR filings, including text submission
  • Detailed line of business data, including technical provisions plus country of business data
  • SCR/MCR Solvency ratios; Solvency and Minimum Capital Requirement data
  • Total Claims Paid Loss Development Triangulations



  • Customizable report generator to create reports, data items and ratios
  • Pre-formatted reports including Balance Sheet, Investment Allocation, Portfolio Mix, Own Funds, SCR & MCR, Underwriting by Line of Business and Country, and Ratio Reports


  • A flexible interface that lets you view data in your preferred layout and create analysis templates


  • Company Overview with Best’s Credit Ratings, key financial indicators, corporate structure and data
    structure, and investment portfolio analysis
  • Historical Best’s Financial Strength Ratings, Best’s Issuer Credit Ratings and Best’s Capital
    Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) scores—BCAR depicts the quantitative relationship between a rating
    unit’s balance sheet strength and its operating risks
  • Corporate changes and retirements: domiciliary changes, company name changes, suspended/
    surrendered licenses and more, along with mergers and acquisitions involving insurers
  • Features that let you collaborate on lists with colleagues and incorporate saved lists into our
    reporting and analysis tools
  • Key numeric identifiers such as AM Best #, Legal Entity Identifier #, National Registration # and Alien ID #
  • Email alerts on companies you’re monitoring
  • News to add further insight to your analysis (one subscription per user)

Multiple Delivery Options

  • BestLink, which offers online access to financial data and insurer analysis
  • BestLink for Excel, our downloadable add-in
  • BestLink Data Feeds, which transmit data to the subscriber's FTP site (additional fee applies)

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Multi-user inquiries, including organization-wide access: +1 (908) 439-2200 ext. 5311.

For more information, a demonstration or to order:

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Examples of Analysis Using Best's Financial Suite - Solvency II

Free Report: AM Best Compares BCAR Model Output with Solvency II Capital Requirements

Spain Non-Life Combined Ratio (2016-2018). (click image to enlarge).

2018 Investment Allocation for UK Non-Life Insurers Revealed by Solvency II Filings. (click image to enlarge).

United Kingdom Life Insurers' Non-Linked Investment Allocation 2018. (click image to enlarge).

German Non-Life Combined Ratio (2016-2018). (click image to enlarge).

Solvency II filings show that 14% of UK Non-Life premium income is from EU (click image to enlarge).

Gibraltar Market - Non-life business accounted for 97% of Gibraltar's 2017 GWP (click image to enlarge).

Change in Average SCR Ratio by Country - 2016 & 2017 (click image to enlarge).

European Market - Change in SCR Ratio by Business Type. (click image to enlarge).

Europe's Largest 30 Groups - Change in SCR Ratio (click image to enlarge).

Largest 25 Non-Life Companies - Combined Ratio By Line of Business 2016 & 2017 (click image to enlarge).

Change in SCR Ratio for Largest 20 Non-Life Direct Insurers (click image to enlarge).

SCR Ratio - Early 2017 Filers (click image to enlarge).

SCR Ratio for Direct Line Group Companies (click image to enlarge).

Average SCR Ratio by Country (click image to enlarge).

SCR Risk Breakdown (click image to enlarge).

Investments by Class of Asset (click image to enlarge).

Non-Life Combined Ratio (click image to enlarge).

Germany Non-Life Technical Reserves by Line of Business (click image to enlarge).

SCR Ratio Distribution by Model Type and Business Type (click image to enlarge).

Average SCR Ratio by Country and Business Type (click image to enlarge).

Effect of Long-Term Guarantee & Transitional Measures - European Groups (click image to enlarge).