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A New Life

MetLife has transformed into a diversified, global carrier. (Just don't say it fired Snoopy.)

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Highlights from this month's issue...

Asset Management
External Forces

As insurers increasingly turn to outside investment managers, problems can arise. Regulators are stepping in and implementing new disclosure requirements, alarmed by abusive management agreements, typically involving smaller firms.

Alone at Sea

Autonomous ships will change how marine underwriters view risk and how insurers evaluate claims. But before crewless vessels hit international waters, they must navigate a sea of regulatory changes.

Inland Marine
Building Expansion

Economic growth in construction and freight is providing opportunities for new entrants..

A World of Risk
A World of Risk

The world of risk is constantly evolving as new technologies, changing demographics and shifting cultural preferences present a new set of conditions and potential for losses.


The new secretary-general of the IAIS says the move toward a global capital standard and development of a common framework for the supervision of international insurance groups are key priorities.

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