An Unexpected Journey

As Marc Grandisson prepares to take the helm at Arch Capital, he seeks to build on the insurer's success by being in a position to seize opportunities.

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Highlights from this month's issue...

Asset Management
The Biggest Concern

Despite rising interest rates and a healthy economic outlook, insurers see few solutions for the prolonged low rate environment.

No Trouble in Paradise

Insurance executives commenting on the Paradise Papers pushback say 'No one's done anything wrong.'

Life Insurance
The Reinsurance Connection

More than 80% of life/annuity insurers cede business to a reinsurer, based on reinsurance leverage.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things

The web of connections is growing rapidly. Every day appliances, devices and office equipment are becoming interconnected at a rapid rate and that will have a tremendous impact on all aspects of modern existence, experts say. And anything that has that kind of impact on our lives will have a big impact on the insurance industry as well.

Insurance Careers
Insurance Careers Month Town Hall

Best's Review presents career advice and interviews with four industry leaders who discuss diversity, company culture and their plans to attract the next generation of employees.

Auto Insurance
Taking the Reins

NJM Insurance Group's next CEO says the company will continue to expand outside the Garden State and within.


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