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January 2018 Issue (view full issue)

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Balance of Power

Best's Review looks at how insurers, agents and brokers are responding to critical issues facing the industry.

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Highlights from this month's issue...

Issues & Answers
Accounting & Actuarial Services

A look at how the roles are expanding for auditors and actuaries.

Asset Management
Game Plan

The head of client strategy for NEAM says mutual insurers are fine-tuning their asset management strategies.

A.M. Best Data
Top Audit and Actuarial Firms

Based on 2016 loss reserves.

Role Review

Is the steady replacement of civil servants in state insurance departments with contracted employees eroding the integrity of the regulatory system?

Trade Shows
Texas Chic

RIMS heads to San Antonio as just one of the highlights of the 2018 industry events calendar.

Give and Take

Advisory boards can create a symbiotic relationship between the insurance industry and academic institutions.

The Human Factor

The future of claims management will be a bionic blend of people and technology.

Webinar Highlights: Claims
Droning On

An A.M. Best webinar explores the insurance industry's use of drones in claims handling following last year's catastrophes.

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