Science of Life

Best's Review explores how insurers are addressing the challenges of the new normal of genetic testing, the rise in antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance and the threat of epidemics.

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Highlights from this month's issue...

Issues & Answers
Specialized Investments

Asset managers discuss how insurers can better use the range of services and products that are remaking the world of insurance asset management.

Asset Management
Growing Appetite

Insurers have nearly tripled their collateralized loan obligation holdings since 2012 in the hunt for yield.

Preparing for the Day After

Small, vulnerable countries team up to buy insurance against natural disasters that can give them a vital cash injection to jump-start a recovery.

Trade Shows
The Grounded Visionary

InsureTech Connect co-founder Caribou Honig took an unlikely path from credit cards to venture capital before finding a passion for insurtech – and event planning.

Corporate Changes
Annual Corporate Changes 2017

All companies listed are life/health or property/casualty insurers in the United States or Canada.

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