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Captive Insurance Leaders Say the Sector Provides a Sense of Purpose

Attendees to the annual conference of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association, held in Burlington, said supporting the captive sector helps policyholders, members and the larger society.

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  • Captive Insurance Leaders Say the Sector Provides a Sense of Purpose

  • AM Best's Molineux: Hardening Rates, Emerging Exclusions Spur Interest in Captives

  • WTW's Owens: Next Round of Leaders Will Be Tested by Hard Market

  • Born as Innovations, Captives Find New Ways to Provide Coverage, Services

  • Missouri's Talley: Marijuana Legalization Running Ahead of Captive Development

  • CICA's Towle: New Initiative Will Help Develop Women as Captive Leaders

  • Aon's Mourelatos: Captive Insurers 'Incubating' Cyberrisk for Hard Market

  • AM Best's Riggs: Medical Professional Liability Risk Finding Home in Captives, RRGs

  • Axa XL's Bauman: Captives Become Early Homes for Emerging Risks

  • Wilmington Trust's Ramsey: Captives Have Range of Choices on Collateral

  • As Insurance Market Hardens, Captive Sector Poised for Growth

  • Tennessee's Corbett: Captive Changes Include Provisions for Foreign Currency

  • Marsh's Varin: Compliance Issues Growing for Captive Insurers

  • Delaware's Kinion: Data Security Model Law Will Indirectly Affect Captives

  • WTW's Palmer: Captive Cells Help Companies Segregate Risks by Unit, Line

  • Performa's Mildrum: Captives Should Be Cautious and Patient With Investment Risk

  • AES' Baillie: Changing Energy Sector Drives Risk Protection Needs

  • Performa's Kilborn: Many Captives Have Tighter Range of Investment Options

  • HAI's Malaspina: Weather Cats Are Spreading, Becoming Year-Round

  • Citadel Risk's Weller: Captive Managers Make Uncertain Acquisition Targets

  • Agri-Services' Klodowski: Farm Risks Require Special Care

  • Regulators Say Overseeing Captives Requires a Different Perspective

  • Marsh's Charnley: Employment Benefits Continue to Drive Captive Growth

  • VCIA's Smith: Regulatory Sandbox Opens Way to Blockchain, Other Initiatives

  • Vermont's Provost: Regulatory Sandbox, Blockchain Help Risk Exploration

  • AM Best's Eslami: Rated Captives Build Surplus, Outperform Commercial Sector