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Best’s Aggregates & Averages

Property/Casualty, US & Canada • Life/Health, US & Canada

Get a moment-in-time look at insurance industry performance with this online indexing and benchmarking resource.

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  • Benchmark the performance of a single company or group against industry totals, segments and composites, including:
    • Balance Sheet and Summary of Operations
    • Annual Statement
    • Analysis of Operations by Line
    • Reserves
  • Analyze trends over 50 years for various industry totals and ratios (P/C).
  • Compare principal loss and expense components of major insurers for a particular class of business with other companies and with industry totals (P/C).
  • Access Quantitative Analysis Reports for a comprehensive review of key financial and operating performance measures.
  • Insurers
  • Reinsurers
  • Brokers
  • Consultants

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