The Greening of Insurance Asset Management

Watch for our upcoming cross-media series where top industry leaders will explore how the insurance asset management sector is adapting to meet emerging standards and expectations for climate risk and social responsibility.

Interviewees Include:

  • David Altmaier, President, NAIC, Insurance Commissioner, Florida
  • Chuck Chamness, President and CEO, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Stewart Foley, Founder, Insurance AUM, Editor-in-Chief, Insurance AUM Journal
  • Chris Fowle, Director, Americas, PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Tom Karol, General Counsel - Federal, NAMIC
  • Sean Kevelighan, President and CEO, Insurance Information Institute
  • Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner, State of Washington
  • David Sampson, President and CEO, American Property Casualty Insurance Association
  • Patrizio Urciuoli, Executive Vice President, Liberty Mutual
  • Grace Vandecruze, Founder and Managing Director, Grace Global Capital
  • Ross Webber, Managing Director, Bermuda, Apex

Asset Manager Perspective

Asset management experts examine the new investment regulatory and social environment, and address viewer questions.


Matthew Daly

Matthew Daly
Managing Director and Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams,

Vincent J. DeLucia

Vincent J. DeLucia
Chief Investment Officer,
New England Asset Management Inc.

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The Push for Responsible Investing

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