The Entrepreneurial Agent/Broker

Tomorrow’s insurance coverages, business models and risk strategies likely won’t spring from insurance company board rooms – they’re already emerging and growing in the field. Whether it’s new programs, new MGA-centered insurtech models, specialized coverages or new alliances and business models, much insurance innovation begins on the ground and takes hold before established players think to pay attention. In a special three-part cross-media series, AMBestTV and Best’s Review magazine will examine how innovative agents and brokers are reinventing insurance commerce, product development and specialized distribution.

Success Through Specialization


Patrick G. Ryan

Patrick G. Ryan,
Founder, Chairman & CEO,
Ryan Specialty Group

Matthew Power

Matthew Power,
One80 Intermediaries

Steve DeCarlo

Steve DeCarlo,
Executive Chairman,
AmWINS Group

Insurance leaders who built their careers on focused risks explain how their strategies, how they benchmark opportunities and how to identify and capture new markets.

Insurtech Drives Distribution Innovation


Tim Attia

Tim Attia,
Chief Executive Officer,

Philip Edmundson

Philip Edmundson,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Corvus Insurance

Richard McCathron

Richard McCathron
Chief Insurance Officer,

As the insurance value chain continues to evolve, MGAs are assuming leading roles as insurance innovators, using insurtech and state-of-the-art distribution to pioneer specialized coverages. A panel of leading tech-enabled distributors examine how technology, versatility and being in an advantageous position among insurers, agents and insureds creates opportunity at all levels.

Programs That Produce


Geoffrey McKernan

Geof McKernan,
NSM Insurance Group

Heidi Strommen

Heidi Strommen,
ProHost USA

David Springer

David Springer,
Group President and Chief Operating Officer,
NIP Group

Joel Cavaness

Joel Cavaness,
Risk Placement Services

Identifying, launching and maintaining a successful program business is a combination of creativity, strong relationships and focusing on defined niches. A panel of veteran program business leaders explain what guides them, how to gauge insurer support, how to move into the program sector and how to assess prospective opportunities.

Wrap-Up Session: Opportunities and Risks


Skip Hagerty

Francis "Skip Hagerty",
Managing Director & Partner,

Heidi Strommen

Ben Johnson,
Senior Vice President - Wholesale Executive,
Liberty Mutual Insurance

David Springer

David Stegall,
Principal Consultant and Founder,
Risk Consulting & Expert Services

A panel of insurance brokerage financial, risk and distribution experts review the lessons of "The Entrepreneurial Agent/Broker" series and answer questions on growth opportunities, sector trends and assessing evolving risk.