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Best's Statement File - Life/Health, US

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Take advantage of A.M. Best's unique perspective and experience to get a complete picture of the insurance industry. Best's Statement File lets you research single insurers, groups and industry composites with data from thousands of quarterly and annual statements as filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and A.M. Best.

Use Best's Statement File to:

  • Perform in-depth financial reviews on a company, peer-group or industry-wide basis.
  • Determine company or industry trends over an 11-year period.
  • Use a wide range of fields to identify companies that match criteria you establish.
  • Customize your research by creating your own peer groups, field lists and reports.
  • Access Best's Quantitative Analysis Reports, highly valued by customers, for evaluating insurers' operating strength and performance trends.

Your purchase includes:*

  • Data
    • Eleven years of annual and six years of quarterly statutory filing data for property/casualty or life/health single companies, consolidated as filed (P/C only) and A.M. Best groups.
    • Best's Statement File - Health, US, with 11 years of annual and six years of quarterly statutory filing data for single companies and A.M. Best groups
    • Best's Holding Companies, featuring annual and quarterly GAAP and IFRS statement data
    • Best's Combined Life and Health, for Life/Health subscribers
    • 11 years of "As-Was" data, as originally filed by insurers (Property/Casualty and Life/Health only)
    • Annual and quarterly title company statutory data (P/C only)
    • Industry composites of aggregated results for the total industry and predominating categories. These are the same industry composites and totals presented in Best's Aggregates & Averages
  • Filings
    • NAIC Statement Pages in Excel, complete current-year data, with select pages available for the past 14 years
    • Annual and quarterly statement pages in PDF as filed with the NAIC and A.M. Best for the past 14 years
  • Tools
    • A Peer Selection tool for US insurance companies
    • A Company Ranking tool to create reports showing top US insurers, based on key financial fields like direct premiums written, net premiums written, assets and other criteria
  • Company Information
    • Companies' corporate structure and data structure
    • Historical Best's Financial Strength Ratings and Best's Issuer Credit Ratings
    • Current and historical Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) scores
    • Best's Corporate Changes and Retirements, going back to 1819
    • Mergers and acquisitions database
  • Reports:
    • Best's Quantitative Analysis Reports: This report evaluates an insurer's operating strengths and performance trends—this is the same report used by A.M. Best's analysts when assessing an insurer's financial strength
    • Standard reports for single companies or peer comparison, including Key Financial Indicators, Best's Executive Summary Reports and more
    • Comprehensive Financial Overview (CFO) Report with key annual statement pages, exhibits and schedules
    • Schedule T Report, with five years of data
    • Change in Policyholders' Surplus: This report displays all of the items that account for the change in policyholders' surplus (PHS) for five companies (Property/Casualty only)
    • Select Financial Ranking Report: This report enables a customer to select any five insurance companies and receive a relative ranking among the five companies
    • Profitability & Income Summary: A full complement report of the income statement data elements as presented in Best's Statement File. The report reflects key profitability analysis ratios such as combined ratio, ROR, ROE and others
    • Year-Over-Year Financial Summary: An evaluative report of an individual company's balance sheet and income statement from a current-year versus prior-year perspective
    • Key Financial Indicators: A report that assesses an individual company's five-year trends, concentrating on key summary data to highlight balance sheet and income statement strengths.
    • Summary Metrics: A report that focuses on an individual company's five-year trends, concentrating on key summary data to highlight balance sheet and income statement strengths.
    • Five-Year Statement Page Summary: An Executive Summary-style report that features five years of assets, liabilities, income statement and cash flow
    • Exportable Best's Executive Summary Reports that present, in graphical format, results in key areas of insurer operation in both the annual and quarterly databases:
      • Single Company: A complete financial analysis of one company, available in five- and eleven-year editions
      • Comparison: A side-by-side financial analysis of a company with a peer group of up to five other companies, over a five-year period
      • Composite: An examination of a company's financials against a peer group composite, displaying both the average and total composite of the peer group
  • Access to:
  • Multiple delivery channels:
    • Web via BestLink
    • Excel via BestLink for Excel
    • FTP (available by request; contact us for details and pricing information)
    • Expand your data options with our custom research service: Specify the data items, industry segments, regions, time frame and more, and our team will work with you to determine what information best suits your need.

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*The Property/Casualty and Life/Health editions are sold separately.