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BSF UK Company Overview

Access UK insurer information online with BestLink.

While UK regulatory data for 2016 onward is now available via the new Best's Statement File - Solvency II system, the UK PRA regulatory returns data for 2015 and prior provides an essential resource for those seeking to analyze the past performance and reserving of U.K.-authorized insurers. Assessment of UK insurers, groups and the market for 2015 and prior is simple, efficient and revealing with the easy-to-navigate BestLink service.

  • Access essential analysis and data unique to PRA returns.
  • Provide detailed data to populate your data models for Solvency II analysis.
  • Access the latest rating and financial data online with BestLink.
  • Research and compare specific insurers or reinsurers.
  • Perform peer and market-trend analysis.
  • Analyze and compare premiums, reserving and claims development by non-life lines of business.
  • Analyze market share and profitability by market sector.
  • Access 10 years of PDF copies of original PRA returns.
  • Create and print custom reports for individual companies.
  • Export data to other applications.

Your purchase includes:

  • Life and non-life consolidated group records
  • Life and non-life market records
  • Two databases of insurers, life and non-life, with data from the 1983, 1996 and 2005 regulation formats, complete with source references
    • In the non-life database:
      • Returns data for year-ends 1981 to 2015 for over 580 U.K. general insurers and reinsurers
      • DTI/HMT/PRA returns data from all cells of all forms, from 1981 to 2015
    • In the life database:
      • Returns data for more than 350 U.K. Life Insurance Offices and Friendly Societies
      • DTI/HMT/PRA returns data from all cells of all forms, from 1988 to 2015
  • Exhaustive standard report and analysis options, including balance sheet, premiums, expenses, surplus distribution, revenue account, new business, solvency and loss development triangulations
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities, including as-filed regulatory returns data, in-depth company analysis and multi-company tabulated reports
  • PDF copies of complete PRA returns online
  • A Ratio Builder that lets you create ratios and reports to your specifications.
  • BestAlert Service, A.M. Best's company-tracking and email notification system
  • Best's Review - Digital, A.M. Best's award-winning monthly magazine
  • Best's Insurance News & Analysis, A.M. Best's comprehensive insurance news service

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