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Best's Statement File products provide single insurer, group and industry composite data from thousands of quarterly and annual statements as filed with A.M. Best,* the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in the United States, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in Canada (OSFI), the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom (FSA), and with various agencies abroad.

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Best's Statement File - Global
This ratings and financial database and analysis system provides timely and accurate data for more than thousands of insurance companies around the world.
Best's Statement File - P/C & L/H, US
Research thousands of US single insurers, groups and industry composites with industry-trusted data from quarterly and annual statements.
Best's Statement File - P/C & L/H, Canada
Take a closer look at the Canadian insurance market with financial data drawn from the filings of hundreds of Canadian insurers.
Best's Statement File - United Kingdom
Track and assess the performance of hundreds of Life and Non-Life insurers with regulatory data and analysis in an efficient, easy-to-navigate database.
Best's Statement File - Solvency II
Access Solvency and Financial Condition Report Filings for up to 3,500 European (re)insurers with this essential resource for counterparty credit risk analysis, strategic planning, and investment and M&A analysis.
Best's Statement File - Latin America
This online ratings and financial database and analysis system provides data for more than a thousand insurance companies in the Latin America region.
Best's Statement File - MENA
Browse timely and accurate data for hundreds of insurance companies in the Middle East and North Africa with this powerful reference and analytical tool.
Best's Statement File - Asia-Pacific
With current and historical information for more than a thousand companies in the Asia-Pacific region, this ratings and financial database provides the most timely and accurate data available.
*Data access limited to products purchased and registered. Each product sold separately.