Best's Statement File - MENA

This online ratings and financial database and analysis system provides timely and accurate data on approximately 425 insurance companies in the Middle East and North Africa. With historical and quantitative information, the latest Best's Credit Ratings, credit reports and a customisable report generator, Best's Statement File - MENA is a powerful tool for insurer assessment, peer review and market analysis.

To order by phone:

+44 (0)20 7397 0290
(In Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Asia-Pacific)

  • Research and analyse companies, competitors, peers and markets with the latest data and ratings online via BestLink.
  • Monitor Best's Credit Rating changes, press releases and news headlines.
  • Perform cross-border and comparative analysis and view the information in the currency of your choice.
  • Search for data items with the detailed query builder.
  • Integrate the latest financial and rating data into your spreadsheets with BestLink for Excel, or generate custom reports.
  • Easily identify insurers and analyse groups with immediate and ultimate parent data, based on A.M. Best's analysis of corporate structure and ownership.
  • Access PDFs of annual reports and accounts and the data used to create standardised templates, giving you data transparency and the flexibility to create your own reports.
  • View a company's corporate structure and a database of corporate changes and retirements.

Your purchase includes:

  • Eleven years of financial data on approximately 425 insurers and reinsurers in the Middle East and North Africa
  • PDFs of annual and interim reports and accounts
  • Best's Financial Strength Ratings
  • Detailed consolidated and unconsolidated balance sheet, technical accounts and non-technical accounts
  • Standardised data and analysis templates, facilitating cross-border analysis
  • A database of national "as-filed" data and country-specific templates
  • Worldwide Market Filters to create rankings quickly and easily:
    • The Global Market Filter helps you analyse markets based on consolidated worldwide groups and independent (non-affiliated) single companies.
    • The Country Market Filter lets you analyse markets based on the individual insurers writing business in each country, excluding where possible cross-border international business.
  • A flexible interface that lets you view data in your preferred layout and create your own analysis templates
  • Currency conversion feature
  • Custom report wizard to search for data then generate reports including the data and ratios of your choice
  • Preformatted reports, including Balance Sheet, Technical and Non-Technical Accounts, Financial Overview and Ratio Reports
  • Rating histories and a corporate structure reference
  • Current and archived Best's Credit Reports
  • Best's Corporate Changes and Retirements, an online database going back to 1819 that lets you find changes impacting existing companies, locate surviving insurers for companies that have gone out of business and more
  • Mergers & acquisitions database
  • Best's Executive Summary Reports, for five years of financial and rating data for individual insurers
  • Best's Review - Digital, A.M. Best's award-winning monthly insurance news magazine (one subscription per user)
  • Best's Insurance News & Analysis, which includes access to BestWeek, Best's Special Reports and Best's Statistical Studies (one subscription per order)
  • BestAlert Service, A.M. Best's company-tracking and email notification system, which lets you monitor the latest news, ratings and reports for companies you select

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Phone orders: In Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia-Pacific, call +44 (0)20 7397 0290. In the U.S., Bermuda and the Caribbean, call (908) 439-2200, ext. 5311.