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A.M. Best's collection of financial information databases contains the latest verified data and analytical reports from thousands of insurers around the world.* Subscribers access A.M. Best's Financial Suite via BestLink: a powerful online service that provides the most current financial data and reports (product subscription and registration required).

BestLink for Excel is also included with A.M. Best's Financial Suite products and allows subscribers to integrate the latest data directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and custom research products (product subscription and registration required).

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Best's Statement File Products
Gain a complete perspective on the insurance industry with data from quarterly and annual statements from thousands of insurers, groups, and more.
Best's State/Line Products
Find out who the major players are in key states, individual lines or broad sectors, determine market share, and examine underwriting performance.
Best's Schedule Products
Gain deeper insight into insurers throughout the U.S. industry with products that focus on specific aspects of insurer performance.

Best's Insurance Expense Exhibit
Uncover the true costs of providing insurance with thousands of insurers' annual expense statements in more than 37 lines of business and 21 popular line combinations available only from A.M. Best.
*Data access is limited to products purchased and registered. Each product above is sold separately.