Best's Schedule F
(Reinsurance) - P/C, US

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Best's Schedule F (Reinsurance) - Property/Casualty - United States

View profiles for filing companies and reinsurers/cedents in BestLink.

Get a solid understanding of the risk-sharing arrangements of thousands of insurers and the reinsurers with whom they do business.

  • Identify all reinsurers to which a company is ceding business, and all insurers from which a reinsurer is assuming business.
  • Assess the impact of a company's reinsurance strategy on its financial strength.
  • Determine where a company is licensed to write reinsurance business.
  • Access 11 years of financial data.
  • Enjoy product access through BestLink online, BestLink for Excel and FTP (contact us for FTP details and pricing).

Your purchase includes:

  • Data:
    • Reinsurance data for approximately 2,770 property/casualty insurers and approximately 325 groups, as reported in Schedule F, parts 1 through 8, of the NAIC annual statement
    • Group data -- view details for individual insurers or the entire group
    • Statement pages in Excel format
  • Tools:
    • A Wizard that take you step-by-step through the process of creating reports with reinsurance information
  • Reports:
    • Multiple standard reports, including a Reinsurance Summary
  • Company Information:
    • Company Profiles for filing companies and reinsurers/cedents, displaying ceded or assumed premiums, current Best's Credit Ratings, key financial indicators and available standard reports
    • Contact information for insurers and reinsurers
    • Corporate structure and data structure
    • Current and historical Best's Financial Strength Ratings and Best's Issuer Credit Ratings
    • Current and historical Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) scores
    • The past six months of rate, rule and form filings for US companies that have filed P/C policies
    • Best's Corporate Changes & Retirements, going back to 1819
  • Access to:

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