Risk Assessment Products

Understand the risk factors and industry conditions that affect insurer performance and operations. Gain insight into the ways businesses utilize insurance to protect their investments, or the strengths and weaknesses that influence an insurer's capabilities.

In addition users can assess the impact of various scenarios for competitive comparisons, business development, and benchmarking research. Visit the links below to learn more about the variety of specialized products available.*

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Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center
This web-based risk management resource provides detailed reports that enable you to accurately assess risk or make informed underwriting decisions.

Best's Underwriting Guide Online
This reference provides detailed reports for a variety of businesses, enabling you to quickly understand the ins and outs and evaluate potential exposures in each line of liability.

Best's Loss Control Manual Online
This collection of reports present convenient checklists of things to look for during on-site inspections of businesses to help evaluate risks to employees, patrons and visitors.

Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model - Property/Casualty, US
This desktop application provides online access to the same base model used by A.M. Best to calculate the BCAR score for single and group US property/casualty companies.

Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model - Universal
This Microsoft Excel-based tool provides the same model used by A.M. Best to calculate the BCAR score for single and group insurance companies within the life and non-life sectors.