Best's Credit Ratings - Feed

In addition to our Custom Data Services, AM Best offers a multitude of rating and data feed options. Receive a direct delivery of updated rating information tailored to meet your business needs, on your timetable. Our custom rating feeds are flexible and can be tailored to provide as wide or specific a selection of ratings and data as your needs require.

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Custom Options Include:

  • A ratings web service that provides notifications of rating changes and pulls real-time rating information in XML format
  • Financial strength ratings, issuer credit ratings, and issue ratings files produced dynamically on your schedule and delivered via email or FTP directly to your server
  • Rating information available by company or for an entire sector or industry.
  • A variety of file formats including .CSV and fixed field, in the layout you choose, with only the fields you need for easy integration of critical ratings and data into your internal systems
  • Customization with additional information like financial data to create a more in-depth resource
  • Delivery daily, weekly, monthly

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