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Best's Market Share Reports: Overview

Best's Market Share Reports: Overview

One-Year Premiums
and Loss Study

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Best's Market Share Reports: Overview

Five-Year Premiums and
Adjusted Loss Ratio Study

Best's Market Share Reports: Overview

Five-Year Trend Study

Find the best opportunities in the U.S. and Canada marketplace with these online reports, designed to show you the leading U.S. P/C companies writing business in the states and lines of your choice.

With Best's Market Share Reports, you can:

  • Decide when to follow the pack -- or break away from it. Looking at the underwriting, sales and loss experience of leading companies will help your product development and competitive strategies.
  • Learn how your company fits into the big picture. These reports show current conditions and long-term trends set by industry leaders, so you can see how your company's experience compares.
  • Have confidence that the analysis is up-to-date. The online format ensures that you have the most current data, with maximum convenience and flexibility.

Your purchase includes:

  • One of the following online reports, which can be exported, printed or downloaded within 14 days from the date of purchase:
    • One-Year Premiums and Loss Study: Basic annual P/C statement data from page 19 of the NAIC statement blank, plus ratios and rankings for leading writers in states and lines you select. Data fields include market share (%), direct premiums written, direct premiums earned, dividends to policyholders, direct losses paid, direct losses incurred, pure loss ratio (%), incurred loss ratio (%), adjusted loss ratio (%), overall rank and single-company rank
    • Five-Year Trend Study: A by-state, by-line premium-and-loss record of the largest P/C writers (by premium volume). Data fields include market share, direct premiums written and adjusted loss ratio, each for the past five years
    • Five-Year Premiums and Adjusted Loss Ratio Study: A comparison of premiums and loss experience by state and by line for leading P/C writers. Data fields include direct premiums written and adjusted loss ratios for the past five years, and three- and five-year adjusted loss ratio averages
  • Your choice of the following lines of business:
    • Standard Lines: 47 basic lines from page 19 of the P/C annual statement (statutory page 14)
    • Combined Lines: 23 of the most common line combinations
    • Group Studies and Total of All Lines
  • Your choice of any of the 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Total U.S., plus business written by U.S. companies in American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada and other countries, as well as a grand total for all of the above
  • Your choice of company type:
    • Affiliated and Unaffiliated Singles
    • A.M. Best Groups and Unaffiliated Singles

Note: Microsoft Excel or the Microsoft Excel viewer is required to access these reports. Microsoft Viewer is available on Microsoft's Support Web site.

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