Financial Information Products

A.M. Best's comprehensive collection of financial information products provides data and analysis on thousands of insurance companies throughout the global insurance industry. Visit the links below to learn more about the variety of specialized products available.*

Several of the products listed are available via BestLink, a powerful online data and report service, and BestLink for Excel, a utility which enables direct data integration for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and projects. Product subscription and registration required for access.

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A.M. Best's Financial Suite
A.M. Best's collection of financial information databases accessible via BestLink and containing the latest verified data and analytical reports from thousands of insurers around the world.

Insurance Data Products
Enhance your understanding and analysis of the worldwide insurance industry with financial databases that provide timely, accurate data on thousands of insurance companies.

Best's Aggregates & Averages
Available in print or online editions, these resources are vital benchmarking and strategic planning tools that present current and historical consolidated data for the property/casualty and/or life/health industries.

Best's State Rate Filings
Compare companies and monitor property/casualty filings with ease with access to policy rate, rule and form changes, loss cost information and new programs for thousands of insurers.

Best's Custom Data Services
A.M. Best offers customized reports created to customer specifications and will work with you to determine the information, delivery format and medium that meets your needs.

*Data access is limited to products purchased and registered. Each product above is sold separately.