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BestESP Services - United States

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BestESP Services - United States

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BestESP Services - United States

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BestESP Services - United States

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"With A.M. Best software I was
able to complete the quarterly
NAIC reports in half the time it
used to take me! Data entry and
data imports were easy; the
validations process gave me the
comfort that my data was
accurate; Technical Support
answered any questions literally
within minutes and my Account
Representative was the best!
I almost can't wait to start on
the second quarter reporting."

-- BestESP Services - US

BestESP Services - US is a Microsoft Windows-based software package that allows you to prepare, print and file quarterly and annual statements and RBC reports that comply with all NAIC and New York state regulatory requirements. Create compact and reliable files (including PDF files), and submit them without having to purchase another software package. You can run data validations and review the results prior to filing so your statements are error-free from the start.

Features include:

  • Data Migration - Migrate data into your current-year configuration with options that incorporate prior-year supplemental interrogatory responses, page settings and multi-user page and process access at the touch of a button.
  • Incorporate External Documents - This feature allows you to add external documents (PDF, JPEG, etc.) for Schedule Y, Actuarial Opinion, MD&A and other similar custom pages. Pages are displayed in filing-period order for easy access.
  • Notes to Financial - This enhanced functionality allows users to automatically tag electronic notes to the "Notes to Financial" custom page. This feature can reduce the amount of time spent preparing the custom Notes page and assure data accuracy between electronic and custom Notes.
  • State Page Generator - Provide information for all states on one entry interface and then generate collected data for each individual state page and state-type pages.
  • Pre-Submission Status Report - Monitor the progress of your statement completion with this report, which contains an overview of the NAIC submission requirements and an analysis of your statement for potential discrepancies and recommendations for the corrections.
  • Validations - Run advanced NAIC and A.M. Best validations to verify your statement is complete and correct before submission. Failed validations are accompanied by explanations or notifications as to which require additional information.
  • Data Transfer Forms - Multiple rows and columns of worksheet and list page data can be incorporated from an external source. Similar types of data (columnar, write-ins, etc.) are grouped logically to facilitate faster entry, and multiple rows and columns can be transferred or incorporated from external spreadsheets to calculation pages with ease.

Your Purchase Includes:

  • A downloadable installation that includes statements and supplements you select; choose P/C, L/H, Health, Title Company, Separate Accounts and New York Supplement
  • Online support and email notifications of software enhancements and the latest submission information
  • Access to Technical Product Support and training 
  • Best's Review - Digital

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Publication Cycle: Dec./Jan. (Annual & RBC); March (Quarterly); Dec. (NY Supplement)
Pricing: Call for pricing
Phone orders: (908) 439-2200, ext. 5339