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Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center

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Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center
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Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center
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Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center is a Web-based risk management resource composed of detailed reports from Best's Underwriting Guide and Best's Loss Control Manual to help underwrite profitably and mitigate risks. Reports can be purchased on an individual basis or as part of a subscription that provides access to all reports in the Underwriting or Loss Control databases (or both).

With the Center, you can:

  • Search for relevant reports according to:
    • Lines of liability
    • Industry codes
    • Keywords and more
  • Use the checklists to analyze facilities and work areas, to reduce loss and underwrite profitably.
  • Read new, revised and updated reports as soon as they're added to the database--you'll always have access to the latest information.
  • Use the Custom Template feature to select and view specific sections within a report. Print or export the custom report, then save the template for future use.

  • Customize the product to meet your specific needs: Create, print and export custom lists of reports for quick reference.
  • View Best's Hazard Index in easy-to-interpret bar graph format to quickly assess potential risks.

The Center puts the information you need in one convenient place using the speed and flexibility of the Internet. It offers extensive search and customizing options, while providing access to reports on hundreds of classifications.

Your Purchase Includes:

  • A subscription to all the reports in Best's Underwriting Guide and/or Best's Loss Control Manual together*
  • Valuable checklists, detailing important aspects to consider when evaluating a particular line of business
  • Report updates, with new and revised classifications as soon as they are published
  • A one-year subscription to Best's Review, A.M. Best's award-winning monthly magazine

*Non-subscribers may purchase individual reports.

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Year First Published: 2004
Publication Cycle: In real time
Price: $715 per database (subscribe to both products and get 15% off the price of one); $48 per individual report
Phone orders: (800) 424-2378 (Customer Service, U.S. and Canada); +44 (0)20 7397 0290 (U.K. and Europe); +852-2827-3400 (Asia and the Pacific Rim)