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BIR PC Company Overview

Search for property/casualty insurers according to a variety of criteria.

BIR PC AMB Credit Report

Access complete insurer reports online.

Increase your competitive advantage and uncover market opportunities: This online resource combines Best's Credit Ratings -- A.M. Best's independent opinion on thousands of insurers' financial strength and ability to meet ongoing policy and contract obligations -- with comprehensive analytical insight.

  • Perform comprehensive analysis on insurers, reinsurers and groups, consisting of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile, and gain an understanding of all factors considered when a Best's Credit Rating was assigned. Your research will include:
    • Current and prior Best's Credit Ratings assigned to insurers, to obtain an independent and objective opinion regarding each insurer's financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing financial obligations, and how it has changed over time
    • The company's role within its organization and the type of products and geographic coverage it provides
    • Insurers' risk management framework, exposures and mitigation initiatives
    • A review of insurer performance, including operating, underwriting and investment results on a historical basis and compared with industry benchmarks
    • Companies' capitalization and initiatives to improve capital as well as liability structure and investment strategies
    • Details on insurers' reinsurance programs, type of coverage and retention
    • Company management and history, to gain a better understanding of relevant milestones, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Benchmark insurers against industry composites or peers.
  • Stay informed of changes impacting the companies you are following and major issues affecting the insurance industry by:
    • Receiving alerts when changes to ratings, reports, business status and M&A transactions are available
    • Locating surviving insurers for companies that have gone out of business or may have changed names
    • Monitoring recent changes to rates, rules and forms filed for P/C policies by US insurers
    • Accessing research and real-time news published by A.M. Best (Full News Service Level only)

Each report features:

  • Best's Credit Ratings, Financial Size Category and five-year rating history
  • A Rating Rationale that explains the factors considered in assigning the insurer's Best's Credit Rating
  • Key Financial Indicators, including statutory data (US) and performance ratios
  • Business Profile detailing market segments, branding strategies, ownership characteristics and more
  • Examination of risk management practices, including potential catastrophe exposure and investment risk
  • Operating Performance review analyzing five years of profitability, underwriting experience and investments
  • Balance Sheet Strength analysis, including capital generation, quality of surplus, underwriting leverage, reinsurance, loss reserves, liquidity, cash flow and investments
  • Relevant milestones in the company's history, as well as changes in management
  • Reinsurance arrangements
  • Financial statement information such as balance sheet, summary of operations, income statement and cash flow
  • Peer Reports, for a quick, meaningful analysis of a company compared to its competitors*
  • Links to regulatory statement pages and detailed financial data from within the reports, to broaden your research and give you a more comprehensive look at the numbers behind a Best's Credit Rating*

*Accessible only to subscribers of both Best's Insurance Reports and Best's Statement File - US.

Your subscription includes access to:

  • An online database of Best's Credit Reports on P/C insurers in the US and Canada
  • Historical Best's Credit Reports for any insurers in this edition of Best's Insurance Reports, dating back to 2001
  • Best's Corporate Changes and Retirements
  • Mergers and acquisitions database
  • Best's Country Risk Reports
  • A two-volume set of the printed version of Best's Insurance Reports - P/C, US & Canada
  • BestAlert Service company-tracking and notification system
  • Best's Review magazine
  • Best's Insurance News & Analysis, A.M. Best's complete news and research service, at the Full News Service level

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