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Best's Insurance Reports, available online via BestLink, provides in-depth reports on insurers, reinsurers and groups in the United States, Canada and around the world. Go beyond the data to learn the reasons behind an insurer's rating, with AM Best's independent perspective and expert commentary.

You don't need to choose between high-level industry analysis and detailed examination of insurance companies: The full Best's Insurance Reports service gives you both.

  • Expand your financial and credit research on insurers and reinsurers worldwide with AM Best's in-depth evaluation of insurers' balance sheet strength, operating performance, business profile and enterprise risk management.
  • Gain insight from insurers' financial metrics and qualitative factors considered in AM Best's analytical process when ratings are assigned.
  • Leverage your strategic planning with AM Best's evaluation of potential risks to insurers' financial health, which include underwriting, credit, interest rate, country, economic and regulatory risks.
  • Determine whether the capitalization of rating units is appropriate for their risk profile.
  • Monitor insurers' creditworthiness and changes to their ratings and reports.
  • Benchmark companies against peers or industry composites.
  • Understand the entire structure of insurance corporations and the impact of holding companies on subsidiaries' overall financial strength with capital infusions or access to capital markets.
  • Learn about surviving companies after mergers or other corporate changes.

Your subscription includes:

  • AM Best's independent opinion of insurers' financial strength and ability to meet ongoing policy and contract obligations
  • In-depth analysis of insurers rated by AM Best and groups or rating units evaluated during the rating process
  • An explanation of each factor evaluated during the rating process
  • Five years of relevant annual financial metrics for all insurers and reinsurers in the edition purchased. For US companies, some key metrics are also available from quarterly or interim filings
  • Company classifications and attributes
  • Access to historical Best's Credit Ratings, Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio scores and reports previously published by AM Best in the industry purchased
  • Information on insurers' key officers and directors
  • Licensing information for US and Canadian companies
  • Access to corporate changes, retirements, mergers and acquisitions relevant to the insurance and reinsurance industries

Best's Insurance Reports is available in three different editions -- Property/Casualty, US & Canada; Life/Health, US & Canada; and Non-US -- and is delivered via BestLink, AM Best's powerful online platform that gives you access to the latest Best's Credit Ratings and financial information.

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