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AMB Credit Reports
BestLink is a powerful online service that allows you to access products from A.M. Best's Financial Suite and Best's Insurance Reports via the Internet. With BestLink, you always have access to A.M. Best's financial and rating database, the world's largest, most comprehensive collection of insurance industry information and superior-quality analysis.

We've recently added the following features:
  • Enjoy improved data access speed and service response time with the revamped BestLink interface and infrastructure.
  • Utilize a refined Company Overview page that features new standard report categories and links to A.M. Best Group ratings and information
  • Customize the report sections most critical to your research with the newly streamlined Best's Insurance Reports interface.
  • Find the company you're looking for more quickly with expanded search result information that displays critical company characteristics.

With BestLink you can:

  • Access Best's Credit Ratings, financial data and reports online, without having to install any software.
  • Hyperlink to data in A.M. Best's Financial Suite products from exhibits in company credit reports in Best's Insurance Reports.
  • Search across the A.M. Best Financial Suite or Best's Insurance Reports to locate companies based on criteria that spans databases (subscribers may access data only for products they've purchased).
  • Create Custom Reports based on your parameters, or choose from a wide selection of Standard Reports that include sophisticated analysis on individual companies as well as comparison and composite reports to benchmark an insurer's performance against that of other companies.
  • Generate Statement Pages for any number of available companies and years. All U.S. data is presented in NAIC statement format going back to 2003. Canadian data is in OSFI format; U.K. data is in FSA format. Combined with a subscription to Best's Insurance Reports - Online, users can access Statutory Data from within AMB Credit Reports.
  • View AMB Credit Reports that give insight into what makes one company secure and another more vulnerable with an in-depth Rating Rationale that explores management policies and corporate philosophy, along with key financial indicators of a company's performance record (available with Best's Insurance Reports - Online).
  • Review Peer Reports from within AMB Credit Reports, which provide a quick, meaningful analysis of the company selected, as compared to its industry competitors. Peer Reports require no additional research and are pre-formatted with relevant charts and graphs (available only to subscribers of both Best's Insurance Reports - Online and Best's Statement File).
  • Perform trend analysis, financial planning and review, and competitive benchmarking with Best's Quantitative Analysis Reports (QAR). These reports, developed and used by A.M. Best rating analysts during the rating process, include five years of profitability, liquidity and leverage data. They are in invaluable tool for comparing a company's operating performance and financial condition to those of specific peers, industry composites or the total industry (available with Best's Statement File - P/C and L/H, U.S.).
Products available via BestLink with subscription include:

Best's Insurance Reports - Online:

A.M. Best's Financial Suite:

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To learn more about BestLink or subscribe to any of the products mentioned above, call Corporate Sales at (908) 439-2200, ext. 5311 or e-mail

To upgrade a current print/CD-ROM Best's Insurance Reports subscription to the new Best's Insurance Reports - Online edition, call Customer Service at (800) 424-2378 or (908) 439-2200, ext. 5742, or e-mail