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BestLink for Excel takes advantage of the Microsoft Excel platform to provide greater flexibility and value to A.M. Best data purchasers. BestLink for Excel includes a set of wizards and quick report options that enable users to download data items from A.M. Best's Financial Suite databases directly into Excel.

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What you can do with BestLink for Excel:

  • Take advantage of direct access to every field from nearly all of the product databases in A.M. Best's Financial Suite.
  • Scan your workbooks for the presence of A.M. Best data references and generate a report that lets you know whether your data is up-to-date. If it isn't, simply refresh your worksheets from our online data repository.
  • With our Custom Report options, you select the companies, data fields, years (up to 11), and in some cases the states and lines of business required for your research.
  • Use the Advanced Query options to search our database and locate insurers based on a wide range of criteria, including top insurers for any financial data field.

Features include:

  • Direct Online Access: Connect via Microsoft Excel to ratings, financial data and reports.
  • Reports: Create reports based on your parameters or choose from several of A.M. Best's unique standard reports, including Best's Executive Summary Reports, Best's Market Share Reports, and Best's Company Profile Reports. Composite and Comparison Reports are available to benchmark an insurer's performance against that of other companies or a peer group composite.
  • Statement Pages: Generate any combination of companies, years and pages in Excel format. All U.S. data is presented in NAIC statement format covering the past three years of returns. Canadian data is presented in OSFI format.
  • Currency Converter: View data in the currency of your choice using current and historical exchange rates (Best's Statement File - Global only).

BestLink for Excel is available for the following A.M. Best's Financial Suite databases:

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