Best's Rating Reports

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Best's Rating Reports

Best's Rating Reports

Best's Rating Reports

Best's Rating Reports are a reproduction of your company's Best's Credit Report. Spotlight your company's Best's Credit Rating and the objective analysis supporting it with printed or online reports that offer A.M. Best's third-party performance evaluation.

Use these reports to:

  • Present a third-party opinion of your company's financial strength.
  • Document your company's financial performance to policyholders, potential clients and investors.
  • Provide powerful collateral materials for use by field force and independent producers.
  • Support current business and premium renewals.
  • Recruit agents and brokers.
  • Foster pride and confidence among employees, policyholders and shareholders.
Use the online version to:
  • Post on your company's website.
  • Provide a quick reference for visitors to your company website.
  • Reach a wider audience than is possible with printed brochures.
Use the printed reports for:
  • Presentations and proposals
  • Mailing to prospective customers, policyholders and shareholders
  • Trade show displays
  • Sales and training materials
  • Corporate and media relations
Who can order Best's Rating Reports?
  • Companies with a current Best's Credit Rating may purchase reports
  • Reports may be purchased only by the insurance entity, parent organization or lead company of a carrier that has a current Best's Credit Report.



Format options: Online (Adobe PDF) or Print
Includes the BestMark or Anniversary BestMark (if applicable)
Size options: Large or mid-size
Large report content: The most current Best's Credit Report

Mid-size report content:

  • Best's Financial Strength Rating with Outlook/Implication
  • Rating Rationale
  • Key Financial Indicators Table
  • Business Profile
  • Territory
  • Operating Performance (L/H)
  • History
  • Management
  • Officers
  • Directors
  • Balance Sheet

With both Online and Printed Reports, you receive:

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