Best's Rating Certificate

Best's Rating Certificate

The Best's Financial Strength Rating and Best's Issuer Credit Rating certificates are available framed or unframed.

A Best's Rating Certificate prominently displays your Best's Credit Rating, the established standard for measuring insurance company financial performance worldwide.

Use this certificate to present a third-party opinion of your company's financial strength to visitors to your offices by displaying your certificate in your lobby or boardroom.

Your purchase includes:

  • An 11" x 14" corporate agency certificate documenting your Best's Credit Rating. Certificates are also available for Best's Issuer Credit Ratings.
  • An optional two-tone frame edged in gold, featuring a black mat displaying the AM Best medallion.
  • Note: If you purchase Best's Rating Reports, you'll receive one unframed certificate with your company's Best's Financial Strength Rating at no extra cost, or a framed certificate for an additional $125

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