Best's Custom Data Services

In addition to our standard products, we offer customized reports created to customer specifications. A.M. Best houses the world's largest proprietary database of insurance industry information. We'll work with you to determine the information, delivery format and medium that meet your needs.

For more information or
to order, please contact
Custom Products & Services:

(908) 439-2200, ext. 5383

Choose from a multitude of options:

  • Data items such as assets and policyholders' surplus, industry segments, geographic regions and other criteria
  • Up to 30 years of data for more than 6,000 P/C and L/H companies
  • Data in "as was" format -- as it was originally reported, to reflect the ownership structure in place at the time of the filing
  • Delivery options to suit your technical environment -- email, spreadsheet, CD-ROM, print and more
  • Rating information by company, sector or industry in your choice of formats and frequency (call for availability).

Your purchase includes:

  • Your choice of data items, industry segments, geographic regions and other criteria
  • Availability of more years of data than typically presented in our standard products
  • The option to receive data in "as was" format
  • Your choice of delivery format, including Comma Delimited, Fixed Field, Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft® Access, and medium, such as CD-ROM/DVD, email, print or FTP. If you are unsure which format would be most effective, our staff will work with you to address your needs
  • Timely delivery, on average within two weeks (delivery time varies depending on the nature of the request)
  • Customer support, not only in designing the report to your specifications but also in helping you put the information to use

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