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Best's Insurance Reports - Online, available via BestLink, provides in-depth reports on thousands of insurers, reinsurers, and groups in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Go beyond the data to learn the reasons behind an insurer's rating and discover what makes one company financially secure or another more vulnerable. These reports provide an independent perspective and expert commentary you won't find with any other insurance intelligence tool.

Gain the right vantage point for your global insurer research with Best's Insurance Reports - Online. Select the edition that best suits your needs to learn more.

With the reports in these products, you can:
  • Check a company's Best's Credit Rating, find out why a rating was assigned or changed, and uncover rating history trends.
  • Learn what makes one company secure and another more vulnerable with our in-depth commentary on a company's operating methods and management philosophy.
  • Use advanced search capabilities to identify companies that meet certain criteria for competitive research and benchmarking analysis.
  • Search and sort by financial, numerical, and text fields, create custom lists, and export the most current data.
  • Research changes impacting existing companies, locate surviving insurers for companies that have gone out of business and more, dating back to 1819 with the Best's Corporate Changes and Retirements database.
  • And much more!
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