Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model

In conjunction with updates to Best's Credit Rating Methodology, the Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model - P/C, US product has been enhanced to integrate the updated capital model AM Best's rating analysts are currently using to determine if US P/C insurers' capitalization is appropriate for their risk profile.

The BCAR Model - P/C, US is a desktop application that provides online access to AM Best's proprietary analytical tool to calculate BCAR scores and required capital at different confidence levels for US P/C insurers. Users can assess insurers' balance sheet strength and gain a deeper understanding of a company's exposure to low-probability events.

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  • Utilize the same capital model used by AM Best's rating analysts to assess an insurer's capitalization relative to its risk profile.
  • Access and run adjustable baseline BCAR scores at five different confidence levels on any US property/casualty company using your own assumptions.
  • Benchmark and compare base or adjusted records side by side for up to five companies.
  • Receive changes to data, the BCAR calculation and methodology in real time.
  • Determine the capital required for potential mergers or new group structures by creating custom company records and obtaining BCAR scores for the records you create.
  • Access and run adjustable baseline BCAR scores using AM Best's legacy model on any US property/casualty company.

Your purchase includes:

  • A desktop application that gives you access to the capital model used by AM Best analysts for US P/C statutory data
  • The ability to make adjustments and projections for the available capital components and risk factors at each confidence level

NOTE: The results or output created by use of the Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model - P/C, US ("Output") is for informational and internal purposes only, and such Output may not match or be consistent with the official BCAR scores that AM Best publishes for the same rating unit. The Output is not guaranteed or warranted in any respect by AM Best.

The BCAR Model - P/C, US is a non-rating services product, and its purchase is not required as part of the rating process.

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Published: Second quarter, with application and functionality updates as needed
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