Best's Aggregates & Averages: Overview

Best's Aggregates & Averages: Overview

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Best's Aggregates & Averages - Online


Best's Aggregates & Averages is also available in a print-only format

Property/Casualty print
Life/Health print

The Best's Aggregates & Averages series is a vital benchmarking and strategic planning tool that presents current and historical consolidated data for the property/casualty or life/health industry.

Results in key areas of insurer performance are aggregated and presented in meaningful exhibits that help you see how a company's performance compares to the experience of its particular industry. Best's Aggregates & Averages provides a means for discerning statistical patterns over time and gives you a basis for projecting future trends.

Your purchase includes:

  • Aggregated information for the P/C or L/H industry, including:
    • Balance Sheet and Summary of Operations - consolidated data on the Life and Property/Casualty Total Industry, Industry Segments and Industry Composites
    • Quantitative Analysis Reports - a comprehensive review of key financial and operating performance measures within three critical evaluation areas: Profitability, Investments and Liquidity, and Leverage/Capitalization
    • Annual Statement - Key pages of the Annual Statement for the current year P/C or L/H Total Industry, Industry Segment and Industry Composite records, with appropriate eliminations applied for interownership
    • Insurance Expense Exhibit (P/C edition) - Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Insurance Expense Exhibit for Total Industry and Part 1 for the Industry Segments and Industry Composite records
    • Time Series (P/C edition) - trends over a period of years for various industry totals and ratios, including Major Contributions to Investments, Industry Operating Results, Industry Underwriting Ratios, and Aggregates of the Property/Casualty Business
    • Analysis of Operations by Line (L/H edition) - detailed income statements for each primary business line, on a total industry basis, with a condensed 10-year history by line
    • Reserves (L/H edition) - detailed information by line for Life, Annuity, and Accident and Health reserves on a total industry basis with a 10-year history
  • Company-specific information, including:
    • Lines of Business (P/C edition) - studies developed from the Insurance Expense Exhibit database that allow you to compare the principal loss and expense components of major insurers for a particular class of business with other companies and with industry aggregates
    • Leading Companies and Groups - rankings of the leading writers of P/C or L/H insurance based on Assets, Net Premiums Written, and other measures
    • U.S. and Canadian Company Rankings - listings of the top U.S. and Canadian P/C or L/H groups and unaffiliated single companies as ranked based on Assets, Net Premiums Written and other measures
  • A printed reference that presents a detailed compilation of P/C or L/H industry results for the current data year and over time
  • With the online version only:
    • Online access to Excel spreadsheets containing the same information as the printed reference*
    • Online access to data going back to 2005
  • A year's subscription to Best's Review, A.M. Best's award-winning monthly magazine

*Please note: Data files for the online publication are done on a yearly basis and do not typically include data updates throughout the year.