Issues & Answers Special Advertising Section: February 2019

Issues & Answers: Evolution of the IA Channel

Matt Masiello, CEO of SIAA, the largest independent agency alliance in the nation, said that agencies are increasingly looking for more than market access and profit-sharing opportunities. “We are 100% focused on being the total solution for the independent agency, not just today, but for its entire life cycle,” he said. The following are excerpts from a recent interview.
Matt Masiello, Chief Executive Officer, SIAA

Matt Masiello, Chief Executive Officer, SIAA

“SIAA strives to maintain its quality—with member agents serving as trusted advisers to their clients who choose the independent agency channel for their insurance needs.”

At a Glance

  • Highest levels of compensation.
  • Clients and companies always belong to the agent.
  • Agency development, mentorship and training customized for unique goals.

What is the incentive to becoming an SIAA member?

Market access—standard and non-admitted markets—including enhanced, fixed quarterly revenue and more profit-sharing, remains the number one reason agency owners consider joining a network or group. But that's table stakes now. SIAA is delivering on its promise to be the total solution through agency development programs, education and technology partnerships.

How does SIAA assist in the growth of an agent's career?

Over the last eight years, SIAA has diligently grown its Training & Learning Center (TLC), offering on-demand courses and training for everything from developing an agency's small commercial book of business to target marketing or time management. When you couple that with the in-agency support of our dedicated field teams, we have confidence we are positioning our members to succeed now and 10 years from now.

How is SIAA evolving to keep up with the market?

We've created, and continue to develop, programs to help agents evolve with changing consumer trends, with agency operations, with technology and in the digital space. SIAA works closely with its partners to identify market and technology trends and be an active participant in the changes we are seeing in the independent agency channel, rather than simply reacting to those changes. We are preparing agents and agencies for the future.

Where do you see SIAA headed over the next decade?

We see SIAA continuing to be a total solution for independent agents—but as the consumer and the industry evolve, we invest in services and benefits that evolve along with them. We will grow and improve how we perform as part of an insurance company's distribution system. We want to improve the client experience and improve the processes involved in how business is transacted.

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