Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource
  1. To serve the business of insurance with loyalty and cooperate with insurers and their loss and claim executives and representatives in the proper handling of claims and losses.

  2. To conduct ourselves so as to command respect and confidence.

  3. To promote, by an unvarying attitude of fairness, by competence, by integrity, and by a proper respect for the persons with whom we have dealings, good will toward the business of insurance.

  4. To approach investigations and adjustments with an unprejudiced and open mind.

  5. To make truthful and unbiased reports of facts as we find them.

  6. To resist influences tending to produce improper and extravagant settlements and serve our clients fearlessly.

  7. To avoid improper alliances.

  8. To work for economy in expense and render equitable bills.

  9. To refrain from improper solicitation.

  10. To render the highest quality of service.

  11. To work in harmony with one another and with our clients so as to foster cordial relationships among ourselves and with the insurance fraternity.

  12. To refrain from dealing directly with any claimant known to be represented by an attorney without the attorney's knowledge and in all ways abide by the principles as stated in the Conference Report on Fair Insurance Claims Adjustment as adopted by the National Conference of Lawyers, Insurance Companies and Adjusters.