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Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys, Adjusters and Expert Service Providers offers several powerful advertising opportunities for our Qualified Members to gain additional exposure to AM Best's unique audience of insurance and claims professionals.

Why advertise with us?

No one else reaches the insurance and claims industries the way AM Best does – in a typical month, your name will be seen by key decision makers looking for attorneys, adjusters and expert service providers qualified to meet their unique business needs. Placing an ad gives you an extra edge, expanding your exposure to potential clients.

Who will see my ad?

These resources are relied upon by top professionals in the insurance and claims industries, including:

Job Titles:

Executives Underwriters
Mid-Level Managers Analysts
Associates/Representatives Accountants/Auditors
Agents/Brokers/Producers Attorneys/Paralegals
Partners Consultants/Specialists
Clerks/Secretaries/Assistant Secretaries Actuaries
Educators/Librarians/Students Adjusters

Company Types:

Insurance/Reinsurance Companies Insurance Agencies/Brokerages
Government Law Firms
Financial Services Consulting Firms
Insurance Adjusters Educational Institutions/Libraries
Risk Management Companies Technology/Software Companies
Expert Service Providers Associations/Trade Organizations
Holding Companies

Where will my ad be seen?

Place your ad in the busiest locations on our website and in our popular bimonthly e-newsletter, BestConnect®. Your ad will link directly to your Best's Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource online profile.

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Place your rectangle or leaderboard web ad on the most visited pages on our website. These are the pages insurance and claims professionals see when they're looking to hire attorneys, adjusters and expert service providers whose clients recommend their services. 

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Reach more than 3,000 insurance and claims professionals with an ad in our bimonthly e-newsletter. BestConnect presents insurance and claims industry news, recent podcasts and webinars, news about our qualified members and more. Subscribers choose BestConnect for the unique information it delivers – leverage their engagement by placing an ad. Sign up to see it for yourself.

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Your purchase includes complimentary ad design by our team of expert graphic designers. They will work with you to create an advertisement that meets your needs.

How much does an ad cost? How do I get started?
Give us a call at (908) 439-2200, ext. 5170, or email us for information about pricing and additional details.