COVID-19 Outbreak: AM Best Analysis and Commentary

To address the effects of COVID-19 on the insurance industry, we are developing stress tests to assess the impact of the pandemic and its secondary effects on our rated insurers. We are closely monitoring the financial impact on rated entities and will continue to provide updates on this rapidly changing situation.

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Best’s Commentary: COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Health Insurance Companies Smaller Than Expected

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Best’s Commentary: Life/Health Cat Bonds Could Be ILS Market’s Most Loss-Affected Sector in COVID-19 Pandemic

AM BestTV: BI Insurers Face 'Existential Threat' if Forced to Cover COVID-19

Best’s Commentary: Two Months of Retroactive Business Interruption Coverage Could Wipe Out Half of Insurers' Capital

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Maintains Negative Outlook On Brazil’s Reinsurance Industry Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: AM Best to Join Q&A Session on Pandemic’s Insurance Industry Impact at AAIS Virtual 2020 Main Event

AM Best Webinar: UK and London Market Non-Life Insurance, Trends, Outlook and Impact of COVID-19

Best’s Commentary: COVID-19 Impacts Add to Deterioration in Underwriting Results of Singapore’s Non-Life Insurers

AM Best Webinar: Market Segment Outlooks for Argentina, Guatemala and Bolivia

AM BestTV: Pandemic Devastates World's Economies

AM BestTV: Insurers May Increasingly Look to Tap the Federal Home Loan Bank

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Maintains Negative Outlook on Argentina’s Insurance Industry Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

AM BestTV: COVID-19 May Have Long-Term Implications on Trade Credit Risk

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Maintains UK Non-Life Insurance Market Outlook at Negative

Best’s Special Report: Hit to Insurers’ Surplus from Equity Exposures Expected

AM Best Webinar: French Life and Non-Life Insurance Market Segments Outlooks

AM BestTV: Social Inflation May Impact Pandemic BI Claims

AM BestTV: Canada Life/Annuity Sector Outlook Changed to Negative

AM BestTV: Pandemic May Impact Sovereign Credit, Country Risks

AM BestTV: Event Cancellation Insurers May Exclude Future Pandemics

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises US Commercial Lines Outlook to Negative; Holds Personal Lines at Stable

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises Outlook on Private Mortgage Insurers to Negative as COVID-19 Hits Housing Market

Best’s Commentary: Global Reinsurers Resilient in Face of COVID-19-Related AdversityImpact of Low Oil Price and COVID-19 on GCC and Russian Insurers

AM Best Market Segment Outlooks: Life Insurance (Italy, France and the United Kingdom)

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Holds Stable Outlook on U.S. Health Industry Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Best’s Commentary: Global Reinsurers Resilient in Face of COVID-19-Related Adversity

Webinar Playback: AM Best's Latin America's Assessment on Mexican Insurers' Financial Strength in Light of COVID-19

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises Canada Life/Annuity Outlook to Negative

Webinar Playback: Impact of Oil Price Movements and COVID-19 on MENA Markets

Best’s Commentary: Social Inflation May Affect COVID-19 Business Interruption Losses

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises Outlook on Mexico’s Insurance Industry to Negative on COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

Best’s Commentary: COVID-19 May Have Long-Term Implications on Trade Credit Insurance Market

AM BestTV: Recession Length Depends on COVID-19 Path

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises U.S. Disability Outlook to Negative on Expected COVID-19 Fallout

Best’s Commentary: Event Cancellation Insurance Losses Amid COVID-19 Outbreak May Hinge on Contract Wordings

AM BestTV: Coronavirus, Pandemics Test Insurers' Enterprise Risk Preparedness

Best’s Commentary: Southeast Asian Insurers Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility in Response to Coronavirus

Best’s Commentary: Coronavirus Epidemic Impact on China’s Non-Life Insurance Market Likely to Be Limited

Best’s Commentary: Coronavirus Highlights the Importance of Stress Testing

Best’s Commentary: Further Global Interest Rate Cuts Anticipated as Economic Buffer for Coronavirus Impact

AM BestTV: Spread of Coronavirus Prompts Closer Scrutiny of Range of Insurers

Best’s Commentary: U.S. Health Insurers Face Potential Rise in Claims Due to Coronavirus

Best’s Commentary: European Insurers Well-Positioned to Manage Potential Exposure to Pandemic Risk

Best’s Commentary: Japanese Insurers Continue to Grapple With Global Market Volatility

AM BestTV: US Health Insurers Adjust to COVID-19 Spread

Best’s Commentary: Health Insurers Adjust as COVID-19 Spreads in United States

AM BestTV: Market Segment Outlook for US Life/Annuity Revised to Negative

Best’s Market Segment Report: AM Best Revises U.S. Life/Annuity Market Outlook to Negative

Press Release: AM Best to Deploy Pandemic-Related Stress Test for Rated Insurance Companies

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